Travel Adapter

One of the cool things about being a flight attendant is the ability to run away and visit friends. Especially when a distant friend is getting married! That happened to us this weekend! A good friend of ours was getting married this last weekend in Japan and thanks to our travel benefits we were able to attend (or witness as they refer to it there)! Traveling to other countries can be a little difficult sometimes though due to different power ports. Luckily for the most part, we didn’t have any issues in Japan, at least until we got to the airport to go home. We got to the airport extra early since we didn’t want to miss out on our chance to make the flight. When we arrived, the terminal was packed, and all the available power ports were taken to charge our phones. Well, all except this one:

NEMA L6 30 Locking Connector WJ 9331B 30Amp twist lock plug nema 2Pole 3Wire nema locking devices

People kept approaching the port, then walking away when they realized they couldn’t plug in. Luckily, I had my Newdigi® 3in1 Universal International Travel Power Plug Adapter – 110v-230v (Built-in Usb) which has an adapter for this type of wall plug! Simply use the Australia port! I simply plugged in the adapter, then I plugged in my power strip and had 4 ports of power ready to go! After that, I had people constantly approaching and asking to borrow a power port. It worked great and my battery on my phone, tablet, and PS Vita were all fully charged and ready to go for our 12 hour flight home! I totally recommend purchasing one of these! And to you flight attendants the fly on the Super 80, it also works on the power ports in the galleys!