Texting in the sky without T-mobile

Let me start by saying that T-mobile is a wonderful carrier. No, it doesn’t have the best areas, and I do run into a lot of dead zones, but as flight attendants, we are supposed to be palm trees right? Ok, maybe not, but while T-mobile isn’t perfect, it does have some perks that make it an indispensable part of a flight attendants bag of tools. One of them is the ability to text in the sky for free using Go-Go. But, what most people don’t know is that GoGo already has a free texting app that works with all carriers. That app is called Gogo Text and Talk. Links are below.

App_Store_badge_small copy Android_App_Store_Logo

This app, while not perfect, works great! I am able to communicate with my loved one in the air for free, with no issues. Please note that you need to set up the app on the ground first, before you can use it in the air. Also, talking is not supported in the US.