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GlobeConvert – Currency & Units Converter – Free

One of the difficult things about traveling to a new country as a flight attendant is converting your money. Part of the issue is mentally calculating the difference in price, and part of it is actually being able to obtain the currency of your current location without killing yourself in fees. I can’t help you with the latter, but the former can be easily solved with a great app called GlobeConvert. It’s an easy to use app that allows you to quickly and easily convert money to the currency of your choice. It works in offline mode, so you don’t need to connect to the internet to use it, and it is easy to learn, which makes it an ideal choice to use for our busy lives. I was able to successfully use it in Japan to convert currency between Yen and USD, and I think it’s one 0f the easiest apps to use! Click on the link below and install it on your iOS device! It does not work on Android unfortunately.

Texting in the sky without T-mobile

Let me start by saying that T-mobile is a wonderful carrier. No, it doesn’t have the best areas, and I do run into a lot of dead zones, but as flight attendants, we are supposed to be palm trees right? Ok, maybe not, but while T-mobile isn’t perfect, it does have some perks that make it an indispensable part of a flight attendants bag of tools. One of them is the ability to text in the sky for free using Go-Go. But, what most people don’t know is that GoGo already has a free texting app that works with all carriers. That app is called Gogo Text and Talk. Links are below.