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Travel Adapter

One of the cool things about being a flight attendant is the ability to run away and visit friends. Especially when a distant friend is getting married! That happened to us this weekend! A good friend of ours was getting married this last weekend in Japan and thanks to our travel benefits we were able to attend (or witness as they refer to it there)! Traveling to other countries can be a little difficult sometimes though due to different power ports. Luckily for the most part, we didn’t have any issues in Japan, at least until we got to the airport to go home. We got to the airport extra early since we didn’t want to miss out on our chance to make the flight. When we arrived, the terminal was packed, and all the available power ports were taken to charge our phones. Well, all except this one:

Power On The Go

I’ll be the first to admit it, I live at the airport. I don’t say this jokingly, I spend more time at the airport than I do at home sometimes. It’s definitely not something I enjoy. But worse than that, is trying to charge my gadgets at the airport. I will arrive at my gate, usually with time to spare, or if the flight is delayed, and sit down to browse the news or Facebook, when I realize my phones battery is about to die. When I look to the nearest power outlet, it’s usually packed with passengers hogging all the power. That’s when I introduce my Monster MP OTG400 BK Outlets To Go Power Strip. They look at me like I have have bestowed upon them some great artifact of power. In reality, it’s a super cheap gadget that will save your butt. Not to mention, if there is a major delay (and with all the nasty weather lately, that’s more than likely to happen at some point), you might end up sleeping at the airport. For $11, this little power strip can save more than just your day, it can help you make friends by letting others use the extra ports. Check it out by clicking here: