19 Painfully Accurate Flight Attendant Hashtags

Flight attendants are some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. They are also some of the most finicky people you will meet as well! Below is a list of #hashtags that help illustrate some of the annoying things we have to deal with on a day to day basis. So, without further ado, below are our 19 painfully accurate Flight Attendant Hashtags.

1. #talktotheagent


Most passengers don’t realize that flight attendants are not able to talk to our destination, and let them know that you have a tight connection. Our reply? Talk to the agent!!

2. #letmewritethatupforyou

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Sometimes we don’t have what you want on the plane. That’s just life, but it makes you feel better when we tell you we will let management know.

3. #push


Our face when you are trying to open the LAV door

Soo, the bathroom door on the planes seem to be some kind of mystery. The thing is, it says PUSH in giant letters on it. When we see you doing all kinds of things to open the door such as open and close the ash tray, we sympathize, but inside, we are dying laughing.

4. #hotnuts


Nothing is more delicious than warm nuts while taking a trip… we agree, and once you are served, we go to town on them!

5. #neverendingtrash


Most people come on board  with a ridiculous amount of trash… Why can’t you just leave the trash at the airport??

6. #seatbeltsignison

When the seatbelt sign comes on, and people continue to walk about the cabin obliviously, we just pray that unexpected turbulence will bring you down.

7. #buhbye


Behind that fake smile, and the wave of our hands, is the utter joy and happiness to see you leave so we can get out of that metal tube!

8. #thatsnotgonnafit


It never fails, their is always that one person on our flight that sneaks by the agent with giant baggage. Not matter what we say, there is no convincing them.

9. #weneedtocheckthat


Yeah… It’s not rocket science. It’s unfortunate that your luggage may be lost, that’s just a sacrifice we are willing to make to make sure you are on that seat.

10. #illfindyouanextention


As it becomes more and more common to have a seat belt extension, people have learned to either accept it and be graceful about it, or they act like it’s your  fault they need one.

11. #whatdoyouhave


Yeahhhh… There is a menu in your seat pocket for a reason. And honestly, at this point, if you don’t know what you want to drink on the plane, you get water.

12. #canwegetsometurbulenceplease

There are times when turbulence is a good thing. Like when you have a 40 minute flight to do a full drink service and you know it takes 35 minutes to do it. It’s never fun for anyone. So when we get told there is turbulence on these short hops, they are usually cause for celebration!

13. #mechanicalissue


Believe me, we hate them just as much as you do. Since we only get paid when the door is closed, that means more time we don’t get paid for, and a chance that we might lose our hours due to going illegal for the work day. So calm down, we are just as mad as you are.

14. #nomealleftbehind


New hires are poor. Like, we barely get paid enough to cover the rent poor. So when you don’t eat your meal in first class, that means we can eat! For free!! So if you’re the last person in first class and there is only one meal left… this is how we feel…

15. #watchyourelbows


When we are pushing that heavy drink car down the aisle, elbows and toes get run over.  Please be aware of this if you are sitting in the aisle!

16. #prepareforlanding


When the Prepare for Landing PA is announced, not everyone listens, whether it’s because they have headphones in, or asleep, we usually have to wake you up to remind you. But please, no attitude, we’re just doing our job.

17. #arewethereyet


After 3 days of flying, we are so tired, all we want to do is sleep for a day. But it’s usually the last day of a sequence that tries your patience the most.

18. #dingthatbuttononemoretime


Sometimes it’s necessary to press the call button… But usually, it’s not!

19. #sometimesifeelinvisible

When you are boarding a plane, and we greet you, please say hi back. People will walk right by you without even acknowledging you and I have to question whether I said anything at all.

Lastly, some of you might recognize some of these Gifs from the British comedy show “Come Fly With Me.” If you haven’t already watched it on Netflix, do yourself a favor and go watch it! It’s hilarious! Be aware though, that it is Not Safe For Work and has crude humor and nudity!